Lyndsey Cockwell is a songwriter and musician from the UK. A multi-instrumentalist, she has experimented in many different genres, but central to all her projects is her unique and mesmerising voice, rich melodies and harmonies, and the stories woven by her lyrics. She currently performs with acoustic guitar in the classic singer/songwriter format, accompanied by other musicians from time to time.

Lyndsey began with a classical training on the piano, by 16 she had switched to guitar and began writing pop melodies. Meanwhile she began deconstructing sounds and experimented with musique concrete techniques, worked with Charles Hayward (ex This Heat), and became involved with the London experimental music scene. Somewhere in the middle of all this she had a near miss with Morrissey's guitarist Boz Boorer, and her ear for melody was spotted by Alex Patterson of The Orb who produced a version of her song 'Tiny Snatch Of Daylight'. In 2009 the track was unearthed on a KLF website and described as "Quite lovely". Her own version of the song appeared on her Debut EP 'Lyndsey Cockwell', released in 2004.

Inspired by a Juana Molina concert, Lyndsey bought herself a loop station - the perfect tool to blend live improvisations, pre-recorded sound and her songs. Her 'Live 2005' album showcases the results of her experiments with a snappy add-subtract approach. 2005 also saw Lyndsey collaborate with Maxine Bueret on her 'Departure of the Slam-Door trains' exhibition. Lyndsey produced three sonic compositions using both recordings of the trains and the passengers on board.

In 2007 Lyndsey used bass guitar and her loopstation to provide a live soundtrack for contemporary dance when she collaborated with Dan Watson on his piece 'An untold amount of steps', premiered at the Place Dance Theatre in London.

After years of travelling and playing shows in the UK, USA, and all over Europe, Lyndsey relocated from London to Berlin. Berlin based collaborations have saw her joining the indie-pop band Dominique as guitarist and vocalist, forming an accordion driven acoustic duo - the Wooden Dresses, working with Sheila Chipperfield (ex Elastica), joining her namesake band The Cockwells and establishing the Berlin Pop Choir which was grown into a diverse 100-strong chorus of people with or without singing expereience who share their love of singing.

In late 2011 Lyndsey released 'Recollection' an 11 track compilation CD which includes early songs, later recordings with The Wooden dresses, and peeks ahead at Lyndsey’s upcoming album Siren Songs – an album of songs from films. The CD ends with a previously unreleased Orb remix of 'Tiny Snatch of Daylight'

Lyndsey still writes and performs from time to time, but in recent years has been focusing more on arranging for the Berlin Pop Choir and Berlin Pop Ensemble, which she founded in 2013. Both choirs have performed all over Berlin. Appearences include: 'The Voice of Germany' live TV final, and Fusion festival (Berlin Pop Choir) and Berlin Music Week's 'First we take the streets' the "British Shorts" film festival and Vox TV (Berlin Pop Ensemble).