Selected projects

Whispering tenderness - Lyndsey contributed backing vocals on this track from the 2016 album by the legendary Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids
Udk Rundgang - Collaboration with artists from Berlin's University of the arts (Udk) on 24th July 2016. A site specific performance where the Berlin Pop Choir sung a specially adapted and improvised version of Lyndsey's 'Kaltes Klares Wasser' arrangement.
Canary songs - collaboration with artist Teresa Dillon performed on 23rd - 24th April 2016 at The Phoenix arts centre, Leicester. Lyndsey was choir Director on the project and repurposed old first world war era songs for the piece.
Sharing passions - collaboration with artist EC Davies in summer 2015 in Berlin. Lyndsey worked with Davies on an event where favourite lyrics were collected from the Berlin Pop Choir, then spliced together to create a new song.
Untold ammount of steps - collaboration with Dan Watson dances. Performed at The Place theatre, London, Jan 2007. View video (performance proper starts at 9:00) Lyndsey joined the dancers on stage and created a live soundtrack using bass, voice, loopstation and percussion.
Departure of the slam-door trains - 2005 collaboration with photographer, Maxine Beuret. Lyndsey created three speacial sound collages using interviews with passangers and field recordings of the trains themselves. The piece is part of the National Railway Museum, UK:
Slam-door refractions - sound art collage made from slam-door train recordings (4:10)
Slam-door reflections - collage of interviews with slam-door train passengers (4:01)
Slam-door - recording of a journey on a slam-door train (4:50)
Deptford Diaries - with Charles Hayward (This is not This Heat, This Heat, Camberwell Now, Hot Chip) - Using field recordings and spoken word Lyndsey collaborated with Charles and other local musicians to create a piece performed in the Albany theatre, Deptford, London, Feb 1999.